This article is about the cargo van C2 Backpack. Do you mean the C2 Passenger?

Hyundai H-1 front 20070928

The C2 Backpack is a van built by Jong Cheng that resembles the real life Hyundai H-1 Cargo.

Performance Edit

The C2 series handles pretty well and has an acceptable top speed, although it lacks in proper turning. It is pretty resistant, so a few crashes shouldn't ruin it that much. The C2 series is a heist car, but it is not very suitable for heists with a long police chase afterwards because of its relatively low speed and weight. If it transports cargo, it's even slower and easily breaks out.

Locations Edit

  • Rarely spawning on the highways.
  • Very common near all harbors, airports or in other industrial areas.
  • Rare on parking lots in Thyssen.
  • Buyable on

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