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Rick Lee is the main protagonist of the game. He works as a criminal car mechanic and hitman, although he makes clear multiple times that he never wanted a life like this.

Biography Edit

Early life and family Edit

Rick was born in 1984 in Liberty City. His parents were George Lee and Takako Sato. He grew up in a very dirty and poor region of the town, and it got even worse when his mother died by getting shot by the police during an antiwar demonstration in 1989. His father got imprisoned for a major robbery in 1995. The eleven year old Rick was frightened of getting conscripted or into orphanage, so he stowed away on an old freighter called Old Lady. Being in the dark about the destination, he travelled to Port Davey. There, he met an unknown retired police officer who helped him setting up a legit business (his car repair shop) before dying shortly after. Rick then made friends with Joseph Cardinal, a night club owner and works for him for a short time by killing his opponents using car bombs or usual weapons.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: The Lost Episode Edit

(This section is unfinished and will be written when all missions are finished. Please stay tuned for further updates.)

Trivia Edit

  • Due to his japanese mother, he occasionally speaks Japanese when he's angry. This is reminiscent of the GTA IV protagonist Niko Bellic.
  • His personality is not very clear. Sometimes, he behaves like a psychopath, sometimes he regrets what he's done and behaves farseeing.

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